Barbecue stones

Soapstone products for barbecues:
We are leading suppliers and distributors of soapstone products: trivets and cooking pots.
Instructions for preparing products:
Using a paper towel soaked in vegetable oil, wipe over the whole pot inside and out, including the lid. Be careful not to use too much oil and blot well to avoid build-up. The stone will turn a dark grey colour. Put the pot in the oven, heat to about 200°C and leave for about an hour. Turn the oven off, leave the product inside until it cools to room temperature; don't try to speed up the cooling process. The pot is now ready to use.
Diffuses heat across the entire surface of the pot and stays hot; saves energy and keeps food warm. Trivets and cooking pots are non-stick with none of the side effects you get with Teflon. You can cook any dish that requires a long cooking time over a very low heat. Food cooked in a soapstone pot is difficult to spoil by burning.
Instructions for use:
Soapstone pots can be used on open flame, gas or electric hob, and in all types of oven except microwave. The only exception is the pizza pan, which should only be used in the oven. A heat distributor is recommended for use with gas hobs. Copper or iron handles can become very hot during cooking; always use an oven mitt when handling them. After using, remember not to put the pot down on a tablecloth or any delicate surface. Avoid extreme changes in temperature, such as pouring cold water on the pot whilst it is still hot. Thermal shocks may cause fine cracks in the stone. Do not wash soapstone items with detergent; use water and vinegar for cleaning. If there is food residue on the pot, soaking in water for a few hours will loosen it for easy removal. Soapstone products may develop small cracks over time; this does not affect their performance in any way. AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS SIZES.