• RivestimentoLuserna


    Gneiss natural stone available as mosaic, squares, cubes, kerb stones, cladding, strips, blocks.

  • RivestimentoTrentino porphyry

    Trentino porphyry

    The most beautiful piazzas and famous city centres in Italy are paved with Trentino Porphyry.

  • RivestimentoGrey beola

    Grey beola

    A quarried material with a characteristic sheen. Available as irregular mosaic, cut to various sizes.

  • RivestimentoRiver pebbles

    River pebbles

    Available in various colours: Carrara white, Absolute black, Verona pink, Yellow, Green, mixed river pebbles

  • RivestimentoQuartzite


    Non-quarried, natural material, available in yellow and pink. Ideal for both internal and external use and for pool surrounds.

  • RivestimentoLario


    Limestone in grey/black. Available in mosaic format and rectangular slabs.

  • RivestimentoGranite


    European granite, available with cut finish, hammered or dry-point.

  • RivestimentoSandstone


    Sandstone paving, available in three colours: reddish brown, grey/green and yellow.

  • RivestimentoSerpentino


    Valtellina zig-zag in dark green. Available as mosaic, irregular or squared.

  • RivestimentoPorphyroid


    Bergamasco porphyroid in dark grey. Available as mosaic, irregular or squared.

  • RivestimentoGreen beola

    Green beola

    Green beola in light green. Green beola in light green.

  • RivestimentoCredaro stone

    Credaro stone

    Credaro stone in pale yellow. Irregular sizes. Natural split surfaces.

  • RivestimentoTrani stone

    Trani stone

    Trani stone in beige. Irregular sizes. Natural split surfaces.

  • RivestimentoLessinia Stone

    Lessinia Stone

    Lessinia stone in pink. Squares 50x50 50x100. Natural split surfaces.

  • RivestimentoMorgex and Cogne

    Morgex and Cogne

    A highly durable material, gneiss, available in irregular mosaic or square.

  • RivestimentoInterior flooring

    Interior flooring

    Natural stone paving with machined surfaces available in any format: