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Trends come and go but stone lasts forever

la vera pietra

Real stone

The ways of using stone have changed since the modern era began; fewer load-bearing materials are now produced and more cladding, which has almost completely replaced old types of wall built from stone blocks which are costly to lay and cumbersome in terms of weight and volume. Modern technologies have allowed apparently unworkable natural materials such as stone to be given important new uses. Ten years after creating LAVERAPIETRA claddings we can now observe how our products are preferred by architects, property developers, construction companies and the public for their quality, naturalness and versatility of use.



10 coatings available

From the typical architecture, inscribed in a specific territory, derives the varied composition and the unique character of the spontaneous masonry


6 coatings available

Masonry of stone blocks, hewn from the rough to a more rectangular shape, the regular texture, has horizontal courses of different heights and a good phase shift of the vertical joints


6 coatings available

Profile characterized by a layered and horizontal laying with elongated stones


4 coatings available

Masonry with stones of irregular shape and size, the masonry texture, despite its informality, respects precise rules


You can create your own MIX wall by choosing and mixing as desired among the models of the LAVERAPIETRA line