Authentic stone


Why hard work always pays off and "manufactured stone" can never compete with the uniqueness, charm, tradition and beauty of marble, granite and other stone laboriously extracted from the heart of the quarry. To underline this concept, a distinctive trade mark reserved exclusively for natural products was created by Euroroc (the Federation of European marble industries), a sign consisting of a simple image with a strong visual impact, a blue logo ( the color of Europe) representing a stylised block and slab under which each country applies its own language version of real stone. For the Italian version, the choice of wording is "Pietra Autentica", a strong and decisive interpretation aimed at the concept of authenticity as opposed to fabricated marble&granite and artificial stones. "Pietra Autentica" is a collective trade mark registered in Italy under the auspices of the Italian Industrial Confederation of marble workers and has two main objectives: To UNITE all European stone industries under a common and clearly recognisable emblem with the design of a single logo valid for every country in the EU. A unified image to identify real producers of authentic stone in Italy, Spain, Germany and all the 25 countries in the Union. To DISTINGUISH authentic stone products from those made from ceramic or conglomerate. The choice of the word "authentic" immediately throws up the opposing concept of falseness, just as an "authentic" work of art is distinguished from a copy or imitation. Henceforth it will be easier to ask or to be asked: "Is this Authentic Stone?" And by showing the blue European logo it will be just as easy to answer: "Yes! It is Authentic Stone!"