Wall stones

  • RivestimentoPorphyry blocks

    Porphyry blocks

    Ashlared and cut blocks of Trentino porphyry for upright vertical features in gardens or on pavements, etc.

  • RivestimentoLuserna blocks

    Luserna blocks

    Natural gneiss stone available in any size and finish.

  • RivestimentoGrey beola blocks

    Grey beola blocks

    A quarried material with a characteristic sheen. Available in any size you want.

  • RivestimentoLario stone

    Lario stone

    Available in blocks for load-bearing walls, also paving and a large selection of steps of 5cm thickness.

  • RivestimentoSandstone blocks

    Sandstone blocks

    Cut sandstone in grey/brown, about 15-20 cm laying space.

  • RivestimentoCredaro blocks

    Credaro blocks

    Cut ??decorative stones in various sizes

  • RivestimentoDora blocks

    Dora blocks

    Cut blocks in grey/green colour

  • RivestimentoMottled gneiss blocks

    Mottled gneiss blocks

    Square blocks in various sizes

  • RivestimentoGranite blocks

    Granite blocks

    Granite blocks in grey or yellow

  • RivestimentoMixed rocks

    Mixed rocks

    Semi-cut decorative stones river in a mix of natural colours