Wash Stone

Pietra Wash


- cleaning of paving and stone cladding
- cleaning of self-blocking floor and graniglia
- cleaning of stone and concrete walls
- cleaning of gravestones and shrines
- cleaning of public spaces
- water-repellent treatments

Cleaning of paving and stone cladding

Any type of surface clad in marble can be returned to its original colour: domestic entrance halls, garden walls, external steps, external wall cladding, etc.

Cleaning of self-blocking floor and graniglia

High pressure cleaning is highly recommended for block and terrazzo paving for complete removal of moss and grime that has built up over the years on the surface and in the cracks.

Cleaning concrete walls

The exterior walls of houses often turn green from the formation of lichen in damp conditions. Water jet cleaning is an ecologically friendly way of sanitising concrete.

Entrances to buildings and apartment blocks

We use a water jet cleaning service for domestic and apartment block entry halls, which removes lichen completely, leaving the entrance clean and sanitised.

Water repellent treatments

The treatments we use are not just coatings that provide a barrier to water and grease; we use breathable products that allow the surface to breathe whilst protecting it from humidity.


We have the latest machinery that incorporates both sand and water ('hydrosanding') for a highly effective abrasive action to remove difficult grime.

Cleaning of gravestones and shrines

Highly skilled craftsmanship to remove grime using products specially designed for this purpose.